Friday, July 31, 2009

Scientific Proofs that human being is vegetarian

  1. We have flat teeths which are used for tearing only fruits and vegetables.
  2. The length of the intestine is short and more suggestive of vegetarian diet. So, we can consume only food like fruits and vegetables.
  3. Man requires vitamin B12 which is exclusively from vegetarian sources and milk.
  4. You may ask me, why milk is a vegetarian food. I can say when the milkman milks , there is no killing action on animal and cow also allows to drink his child , So , this is fully vegetarian food for human health also .
  5. Some people give logic that without eating meat, human being can not become powerful. This is fully wrong. In this earth vegetarian animals are more powerful than non vegetarian animals. You can take the example of oxen and elephant. Even Indian great personalities like Shri Ram, Shri Hanuman, and Shri Krishna are all vegetarian and they have power and they were also most intelligent in the world.

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