Friday, August 14, 2009

Shri Krishan Janam Ashatmi 14 August 2009 - Birth day of Shri Krishna

Today is Shri Krishan Janam Ashatmi . This day , Shri Krishan Bhagvan was born in Mathura Jail . His mother name was Devaki and his father name was Vasudeva . He was 8th son of devaki . Kansa was the devil and he wanted to kill eight son but he could not succeed in this mission because , Vasudeva took him Vrindavana . Here he spent his childhood and from his childhood he started the work of managing cows and carried them for food . When he became young , he went to Mathura . He killed Kansa devil and bring his parent from Jail of Mathura .

Main aim of the life of Shri Krishna is to provide Gita gyan

Why should we celebrate Shri Krishan janmashatmi ?

Its answer is very simple . Shri Krishan bhagvan is great person of India . He gave the advice of doing karma and our karma should be nishkam . So , by celebrating his birthday , we should remember this great person . After this we can act upon his advice which he mentioned in his Gita updesh. Krishna is ideal of youth . Krishna is power of weak person . Krishna is life of karmyogi . Krishna is mantra of Success . Krishna is the way to live better life . Krishna is the name of high thinking person . So , to day , we all should celebrate shri krishan janamashatmi .

Jai Shri Krishna

Hara krishna , Hara Krishna , Krishna krishna hara hara . !!

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