Monday, July 6, 2009

Self analysis and its importance

Study of self weaknesses by himself is called self analysis . With the help of self analysis human being watches his internal all weaknesses and thinks how to remove them . With the help of self analysis human being can remove all his weak points and becomes perfect in his life .
If a person thinks half hour about whole days work which he did , then he can know all his mistakes and he can easily control on them and make a very good planning of development of life .
Self analysis are useful for cleaning your mind . Without self analysis human being can not remove his fastnesses , mistakes and weak points and makes your life Hell .
It is good if you start to do self analysis , after this you will never Repent in your life
Human's soul is the part of God and when a person starts study of this the knowledge of spirituality is more important than physical knowledge and he is doing mistake for just getting physical knowledge which will leave at the time of sadness and death .

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