Thursday, October 9, 2008

My thoughts on dussehra

Dear friends,
Today, we are celebrating the dussehra festival. This is the festival not only Hindu people but whole world. In this day Ram Chanderji had killed Raven the king of Shri lanka. This day’s other name is Vijay dashmi. I think that this is the day of taking firm determination. We should take determination that we will leave all bad things from this day.

Changing your bad things in to good things

Bad Things Goods Things

1 Dishonesty → Honesty
2 Lie → Truthness
3 Non- Vegetarian → Vegetarian
4 Drinks of Vine → Drinks of Milk
5 Negative thinking → Positive Thinking
6 Narrow mind → Open Mind
7 Angriness → Humble
8 Killing → Saving
9 Laziness → Hard Working
10 Greed → Sacrifice
11 Black marketing → Donations for poor and needy
12 Cheating → Co-ordination , co-operation honestly
13 Time Wasting → Time Saving
14 Coward → Brave

After separating from above evils, we can enjoy Vijaydashmi in Real Sense.

Happy Vijaydashmi

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