Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why was Swami Vivekananda great ?

Millions of people search about Swami Vivekananda after his expiry of 107 years .

One question will come into every person's mind , why was Swami Vivekananda great ? Many people can tell his hundred qualities but , I have research and I want to main reason of this .

 Let me explain .

Where did you go ? just two of three places you have visits . But Swami Vivekananda visited from Shri nagar to kaniyakumari means he went from top of India to bottom of India . He saw every sorrow of India people , farmers and labourer very closely .

 He decided to reduce all his sorrow by writing great thoughts . From inspired Swami Vivekananda , I have started this blog . I also make small picture , in which I have showed some places not all where Swami Vivekananda had gone . From this you can estimate what was Swami Vivekananda for Indians and why he became great . He did all work practical without today , air conditioner rooms and without any five star hotel meeting .

 He did not start any business but start to live in love and affection of God . He wrote wonderful articles which increase power of soul . When I read Swami ji book , I found my self new and active .

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  1. Was Swami Vivekananda really great? Or greatness thrust on him? You may like to read a set of 200 blogs which try to deeply study his writings: 200 researched blogs on Vivekananda's Complete Works.

  2. Swami Vivekananda was really great, no doubt, & it requires no proof as greatness emanates from his very personality. The people who were fortunate enough to met him in person had observed this quality of his more intensely. When Swamiji went to west for attending the Parliament of Religions he came to know that he did not have proper credentials to attend the parliament. Swamiji met in connection to this with Prof. J.H. Wright of Harvard University who after a few hours meeting with him became so impressed that he said, "To ask you, Swami, for your credentials, is like asking the sun to state its right to shine."

    Such was the power of Swami Vivekananda's personality. So, I truly agree with Mr. Vinod's post.