Saturday, September 13, 2008

My thought on Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji is Great Sant of India. His thoughts are very effective for mankind . He loved whole mankind . He do not see difference among different kinds of caste . He had done all practical work to prove the reality of his thoughts .

I take simple example

Guru Nanak Dev ji writes that " nanak dukia sab sansar so sukhia jin nam adhar ."

Who can write these words .

Ans . Only a person who visit every house in whole world and saw that all riches , poors , Indians , Africans , American are very sad or displeasure . They are feeling sadness for his sons , for money , for any other property . Then Guru nanak Dev ji said , " So sukhia jin nam adhar mean a person who pray of his god can feel real happiness . So Shri guru nanak dev ji is great Scientist of whole world . He believe in cause and effect theory but this theory is full of spirituality . I like this very much .

He has very far sightedness . He has not only the knowledge of this world but he has the knowledge of millions of world . I have no world how can take for him .

Shri Guru nanak Dev ji's three words are very effective.

  1. Pray of God day and night
  2. Do work hard
  3. Make and eat your food with your brothers and sisters .

In these three lines who spiritual education can seen by us .

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