Wednesday, July 8, 2009

20 extraordinary qualities in Swami Vivekananda's personality

Very few people knows the extraordinary qualities of Swami Vivekananda.

If you do not know, read following extraordinary qualities. 
  1. Full confident
  2. Curiosity to know truth
  3. Devotion under the Guru
  4. Love with God and for this love ready to sacrifice whole world .
  5. Scholar of world .
  6. High concentration power .
  7. Tension for welfare of world .
  8. Getting of Mukti or Moksha in Life .
  9. Conscious mind
  10. Fully spiritual .
  11. Fully celibrate .
  12. High logical power to prove any thing on the basis of Veda , Gita and Upanishads .
  13. Love with India and Indians .
  14. Motivator
  15. Great leadership quality .
  16. Patience in abnormal situation of life .
  17. Real education provider .
  18. Bravery and benevolence and generosity in heart .
  19. Reformer .
  20. Revolutionary
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  1. you left SELFLESSNESS.. He was ready to go to hell even to help the people out there..

  2. u miss the great quality that is STRONG DETERMINATION

  3. Thanks a lot it helped me a lot for me project....

  4. Yeeeee. Thanku it really helped me to win my quiz.thanks! thanks !thanks !thanks!��������

  5. Thanks it helped me in project

  6. With all these he is also Humble with Noble Personality.
    I'm Inspired