Saturday, September 13, 2008

Side - Effect of Eating The meat , chicken and eggs

I have lot of search about what the main side effects of eating the meat , chicken and eggs .
Today world science has proved it that meat and eggs are very harmful for human life . When we eat meat , chicken and eggs , these food is not digested by our intestine . So this food convert in dangerous form in human body . After this we feel trouble when dangerous disease comes in the front of us .

Name of these disease due to eating meat , chicken and eggs 

  1. Heart- attack
  2. Blocking heart vanes
  3. Cancer
  4. Piles
  5. fatness
  6. Diabetes
  7. Eye problems
  8. Joint Pain
  9. Stones in kidney
  10. liver problems

So Dear do not eat meat , chicken and egg . This is very important for your health . Because health is wealth.

Spiritual Aspect of Not Eating Meat

  • You are the part of your true God . After your death god will ask the question why do you kill the other when you can not make them , why do you eat them when I have already made a large number of vegetable food like milk , fruits , vegetables . So You will be gotten punishment in this earth in the form of dangerous diseases and in the room of God for killing the creation of God .

  • Arya samaj , hindu daram , and all religious society do not allowed us for eating of meat because this is the opposite of vades and its education .

  • Maharishi Dyanand Saraswati is also against eating of meat . He is the safeguarder of cows and other animals .

So beware from eating of meats and its side effect .

Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !Beware !

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  1. Yes, You are right, The Cow is holly so we should drink its urine, and dung; not the meat.

  2. I am happy that you take actions and educate people on your understandings of the true danger of eating meet and eggs...!

    And you are right.
    Do not worry about their unconscious critics !
    There will a time that you can formulate it even more powerful!

    All people who denial the truth .. are weak and helpless .( without a proper internal /colon cleansing) ,because they are host's being abused and (their taste/appetite) controlled by parasids ( fungus) so they have to defend their addictions.

    Even agressive fight for their need to eat it to feed their parasits...!

    This will find thausand and one excuses and senseless reason to eat the Cancer causing death flesh of aminals who actually wanted to live a happy family life and raising their children too.!

    Ending up sadly in the food chain of parasite host's !

    I am proud of you to research and speak up!!
    Love and light from Jamaica

  3. world is already balanced it's not necessary to eat the meat and balanced it.If u think then people why not eat the dog for stopping dog population if u not eat the dog then why not dog population increases so much.Because god is already balanced the world.
    meat industry produce the chicken and help to unbalanced the world

    so i request all of u plzzz stop the eating meat....

  4. Excellent research u have educated my younger sister she is now mourning for the loss of chicken in her regular meal.

  5. guys this is the reality.......
    and the meat itself is tasteless.......
    atleast the vegetables can be eaten raw cuz they have their own taste..well leaving this apart...
    if u want to really try this then do a thing take cottage cheese (paneer) or u can take potaoes or any vegetable that u can get easily n cook then in the same manner as you cook your chicken or any other meat....
    i bet that the vegetable will be much much tastier than the meat

  6. Dear if u talk that we Do not eat the meat because god wil ask the question that i created so many thngs then why we kil the creature of god but u mentioned here about eggs ,in this case we are not killing any one so y we don't eat that and if it is not good to eat the meat then why god introduce the concept of halal and haram animals in holy quran? So revise the thngs wht u mentioned here

  7. Dear, there are lots of doubts of muslim bhai about the halal and haram animal in holy quran.

    1. Halal means to earn money with hard work and honesty. It does not means to kill any animal.

    2. There is not any animal who is haram because every animal is helpful for supporting the eco system of nature. A man who kills the innocent animals which be haram animal. We should kill that person.