Thursday, September 4, 2008

Advance benefits of gayatri mantra

Dear friends there are following benefits of gayatri mantra.
  1. gayatri mantra increases learning power
  2. gayatri mantra increases concentration
  3. gayatri mantra gives us money and wealth
  4. gayatri mantra relates or correlates us with god
  5. gayatri mantra gives us power
  6. gayatri mantra has scientific wording which is very useful for patient if he pronounciate it .
  7. gayatri mantra is started from om so it has also safety power from every diseases , enemy or any accident
  8. gayatri mantra is very useful for peace.
  9. gayatri mantra is first step to go to the way of spiritual road
  10. Different books like vades , puran , gita , upnishad gives its large importance .

So Speak Gayatri mantra and enjoy the life

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    mahesh said...

    Thanks for your views on The sacred gayatri mantra,lucid and clear.

    Also real life experiences of chanters should be given, as a motivational purpose.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for the points.

    I completed my education(degree) in a so-so manner and was not able to take up any higher studies and nor was successful in finding any job. My family members gave up on me as good for nothing fellow. I started chanting gayatri mantra regularly 108 times 3 times a day. Within 3 months I got a job and within one year from that time I have visited U.S.A for work purpose too.

    Gayatri mantra is the greatest. Thank you gayatri mata.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you Gayatri Mata.............

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