Saturday, July 18, 2009

How can we make good India ?

Today , India is full of corruption , poverty , dirtiness of roads and streets , black marketing , adulteration , begging and other major problems. If we want to make it good . How can it possible .
Answer it simple :-
All work start from your home . Because if every Indian become honest , after this India can become honest . If every poor Indian will start to do hard work after this India can become rich . If you will start to clean your house , after this India can become clean . If you will stop to do black marketing after this India will start white marketing . If you will stop to add bad goods in good product , After this India can stop to do that work .

In my thinking what is India ?

India is you and you are India .

Every Indian makes India .

India is like garden and Indian is its gardener , if every garden will start to pick stone from garden and give water to each plant of this garden , after this this garden can grow .

India has large natural resource , after this Indian finance minister is showing deficit budget . What is it ? It means our expenses are more than our income and we are demanding begging in the form of loan .

Loan means begging

In my life , I have never demanded loan from any one because , I believe that it is just like begging .

Indians are responsible for cutting of trees , Indians are responsible for increasing high population. Indians are responsible for using petrol and diesel for their vehicles . If prices of petrol will increase , it means every product and necessary goods prices will also increase and poverty will increase . Old Indians used to take help oxen for transportation. After coping western people , they are using tractor , trali , buses and motor cycle.

China is better than India .

Why is China better than India ?

Because still today , they are using cycle for transportation .

But Indian are showing false pride and using vehicle and increasing the expenses of India and making it poor .

If I was the prime minister of India , I first stop to use cars and motorcycles because it is increasing the expenses of India. I want to make India good at every cost .

India is also becoming bad due to capturing in sex and violence . Internet , TV , Cable , bad literature are main source for spreading these things . India can become good and great if we use these media resources for increasing our education and development .

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