Friday, July 17, 2009

Benefits of eating guava

  1. Guava should eat to human being daily because it helps in digestion .
  2. If you eat ripe guava in constipation , constipation can easily remove just three days .
  3. Guava contains vitamin c in high quantity so , it treats all skin problem and makes your skin soft and clear.
  4. With eating of guava , your memory can increase .
  5. with eating of guava all worms of stomach can easy die.
  6. With eating of guava , you never face kidney stone problem.
  7. If you faces the problem of mouth blister , then you should Chew the leaves of guava tree .
  8. It teats the heart problem.
  9. It powers to liver , if you dink by mistake then you should eat guava , it will be helpful to give power to your liver .
  10. Guava is also helpful for making body Strong .

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