Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power of Spirituality

Every body have three powers . One is physical . It is made by eating of good food , good exercises and take rest . Second power is the power of brain . We can solve every problem with our brain but it has also the limit because , some it does not support us to decide best . Third and last power is the power of soul . Its other name is power of spirituality . If you have not any physical and brain power but you have power of spirituality . Then it means you have great power of the world because with this power , you can win the world . Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that if you win you mind , it means you have won whole world and we can win our mind with the help of spirituality only because power of spirituality is more than power of mind . Mind shows us wrong way of life . It likes sex , angryness , greediness , deep false love and false pride and we tasted all these evils with our five working tools and five knowledge tools and reduce our all physical and brain power . But , if our spiritual power will rise , then we can defeat all mind's evil and we can focus on one aim to meet real God . We want to absorb him but mind carry us to wrong way of life and in end we all die with achieving our great aim of life . So , get the power of spirituality and getting the power of spirituality is very easy . For getting the power of spirituality , you only bring your attention in the front of God . Feel all time that one supreme power is watching to you . If you do any sin work , that God will punish you . You have to learn the love of God and trust that wealth of spirituality is the most valuable wealth of world and material wealth is zero in the front of this .

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