Saturday, June 13, 2009

gayatri mantra meaning

Gayatri mantra refers to message to human being that you should be go to good way and you should get money from god but you should demand from god good brain , so that you can walk in good way . With the help of Gayatri mantra we pray of our dear God ," Dear God , you have given us life , you have given us food for eating , we demand from you kindness . Please direct our brain and mind in good direction . So that we develop and obey your order . "

In other words , Gayatri mantra is very simple way to send message to God like e-mail but speed of reaching message with Gayatri mantra is faster than reaching of E-mail message . God knows every body what you are doing and what you are demanding from him . So , we should waste the time for demanding useless thing from God but just pray God with this Gayatri mantra .

" Om bhur bhava sava tatsar vitur vara niyam bhargo davasya dhi mhi dhyo yo na parcho dyat ."

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