Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bans on plastic bags - My determination

bans on plastic bags from your own life

Today , I think to stop to use plastic bags because it is creating pollution on the earth . It is non destructible product which is not absorbed by nature , so it is very dangerous for balance in nature . This is tough for me because I use plastic bags for getting vegetables , fruits from market and also it uses for getting many material for my home . But I am very rational . What , I think , I do practical , it is reality that without firm determination , you can no do any thing . Why am I writing these things in today in my thought blog ? Answer is very simple that I want to write what I do practical . All practical works comes from thinking or thought . If every body starts to use clothes bags instead of plastic bags we can save our place from dust which can be used for agricultural production .

That thoughts are useful which is used in life practically , otherwise thoughts is just blacking the pages . I understand this decision is very tough for me . Because , I bans on plastic bags from my life , it means , I will never use plastic bags in emergency . But this my decision can give millions people good direction to do this great work in life . There are also following benefits if you do not use plastic bags :
  1. Plastic bags cost is added in the cost of your domestic product , if you use cloths bags , you can reduce the cost of domestic product . It will surely reduce inflation of necessary products .
  2. Plastic bags stop the flow of water inside of earth , so it is very dangerous for agriculture . In land where plastic bags are in high quantity , that land becomes sterile or wasted so do not use plastic bags .
  3. Plastic bags , some time is eaten by street cows and they die with this , so we are also doing sin work for using plastic bags .
  4. Plastic bags are non absorbable waste , so increasing it means increasing the level of waste in your colony. If you do not use plastic bags , you can save and clean you town from this wastage .
  5. Plastic bags when made after first used in recycle processes in factories , a large number of chemical included in this and it is very dangerous for human health if you use plastic bags for carrying and bringing vegetables for home .

I hope , you will also encourage from my today thought and my determination and you will take also promise to bans on plastic bags .

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