Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5 tips to get a flat stomach

If you are suffering the problem of belly stomach or heavy fats and then it is not just looking ugly but also inviting many problems like heartattact , eye problems and moreover pains . So , start work to reduce your fat and make attractive flat stomach with following 5 tips

# Ist tip

Sacrifice the food which increases fats

Never eat meat , chicken , eggs , fish and other non vegetarian food , oily and fast food . These food increase fat and after this you can not make flat stomach. For your knowledge , meat can not digested by our intestine and undigested eaten meat become poison fat and collected in our stomach which never burn from any exercise. So , before starting any exercise . Please sacrifice above food to eat . This is very important tip which I have been giving to fat persons for 10 years and I find many good result only by following first tip . For applying this tip , you have to increase your power of determination and after this you can sacrifice these things .

# 2nd tip

Practice of Fat reducing exercise

Kpal bhati yoga in which you takes long breathe and practice this any nearest park . Slow racing is also good for burning fat and making flat stomach . moving your stomach first in right side and then in left side . Practice this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes . This exercise is very wonderful because it will support to exit all wasted which is collected in your stomach .

# 3rd tip

Never use drinks , cold drinks or any drugs

Smoking , using of drinks , cold drinks or use of any other drugs effect on stomach very badly and stomach spread due to internal diseases of cancer . So , never drinks and use drugs for healthy and flat stomach .

# 4th tip

Use the rules of Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Celibacy means control on sex and it is very useful for getting a flat stomach . Flat stomach is the sign of nature position of health which is given to every creature by God but due to uncontrollable sex actions , human being gets its reaction and its harmful effect will on your stomach and you will see that after this your food digesting machine will be weak and your food will collected under constipation problem .

# 5th tip

Never use unnatural life style

  • Never work night work ,

  • never sleep after rising of sun ,

  • never angar , never take tension ,

  • never sleep in day

  • Never use medicine in headache

  • Never set in lazy position , always sit and stand stable and strict .

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