Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Do you know what is Om , If do not know about Om , then read bellow
  1. Om is best name of God .
  2. Om is power to save from every danger thing .
  3. Om is Everything what you want to get and what do you expect in dreams .
  4. Om is source of love which is true and you can feel true love just concentration on Om .
  5. Only om is the single word which I can not understand its deepness , This word is like sea and when you will start to understand , this life will spend and you will die but you will never understand om . Because in real sense , it is ocean of knowledge . You four Veda and all Vedas mantra starts with the word Om .Why ? because if a person knows Om and its deepness like a diver has some knowledge of deepness of water .
  6. Gita says that this is the Bahama mantra and you will get moksha with only this mantra .
  7. Swami Vivekananda gets mokti in the age 39 only concentrating Om .
  8. Ram Sharma Acharya says that Om is key to know the Gaytri .
  9. Dr. Radakrishna says that If you read whole gita and Veda and after this you get one word theme and it will surely Om.
  10. Om is like infinite Value in mathematics . There is no beginning and end point of this word but after speaking you can get enjoy like drinking of water , like bathing in river , like singing of song , like eating of sweets and moreover you can cross the position of birth and death .

So please speak OM day and night .

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