Monday, June 22, 2009

One name for mental and psychological peace - Om

Om is the source of mental and psychological peace . It is the best way to remember God . How do we get peace with Om . The word om has wonderful imagination power . The first condition for your mental and psychological peace is to forget yourself and you feel that there is no your own entity . Peace never comes in you , if you are in tension or you are in anger with someone . When , you will speak om in your mind without speaking tongue . Your own entity will collapse and you will feel that like a small child , you are sleeping in the inside of God mother and God mother is telling you lovely story of spirituality. From long time , I am speaking Om , Om and I have realized full mental and psychological peace . This area is not theoretical . When you are in disease and somebody tells you about good medicine and without using of medicine you can not recover . Some position is in mental and psychological peace and the word om and its speaking is best medicine for this problem .

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