Tuesday, May 5, 2009

friendship messages

If you and your friend live in different country or place and you want to talk but if you can not talk him , at this time you can feel satisfied your self by making him messages to him . Due to fast Internet facility it is so easy to send sms vie mobile or message vie email . But main topic of this article what should you have to write in friendship messages . I have to tell you about this .
  1. Dear friend , I hope you will happy living in your city with your family.
  2. I am missing today .
  3. I remember when we meet last time and talk about personal life and enjoy .
  4. Due to not talking with you I am sending this message and I hope you will reply as soon as possible .
  5. Write your personal message here _______________________________ ...

Thanks and regards your friend

They way of writing friendship message must be simple and so impressive so that your friend can understand your feeling also .

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