Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Amitab Bhachan's friendship with bloggers

One of latest example of good friendship , we are seeing in Big Adda where Amitabh Bhachan said that I am personally making all bloggers as my friend and they are part my family . Even , Now I am in London , but my heart is in the love of my friends and fans . I saw my blog daily and want to know more about new friends of my blog . I feel very sad when I can not see the face of my friends and am discussing with technical experts , soon I will install a software in which my friends also add their picture in my blog .

From these words , I think that blogging is the good way for increasing the level of friendship at international level and its life is so long and it will end when every bloggers will become part of family. Amitabh Ji , thank you very match for your thinking about bloggers .

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