Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What are main benefits of friendship

I think , there may be following benefits of friendship
  1. With friendship , you can create your group and get benefits of unity in strength.
  2. With friendship , you can share your thoughts , feelings and works with your true friends.
  3. With friendship , you can enjoy with your friend specially picnic.
  4. With friendship , you can change revolution in society by becoming good leaders in large groups of your fans and friends .
  5. With friendship , you can reach in the heart of other persons , you can remove the distance of place , caste and religion.
  6. You know Hindu and Muslim were the best friends . One was Ram parsad bismil and other is Ashfaq ulla Khan ( the great Indian freedom fighters .)
  7. With friendship , you can solve every problem of world , it is general saying that when two person joins in friendship it means they can do eleven person's work.
  8. With friendship , you can make your life enjoyable , moreover if you have create friendship with your wife , then you can live your life with relax and enjoy.
  9. With friendship , you can become famous at world level.
  10. If you want to become actor or political leader , then try to start some new friends daily.

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