Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smile and its importance

Smile is the part of human happiness. When person feel happy , he express his happiness in the form of smile. This is very necessary for good health . In this world only human being can express his smile to front of others . When we laugh and enjoy the life with smile , at this time we can forget sorrows of life .

If you daily smile and laugh , you can create positive views , that positive views can be helpful for your personality development and you can develop your life . Smile in sorrow is also an art . Every body when in sorrow never smile but we should feel smile also in our sorrow . Sorrow and happiness are the part of life . Some time we can feel tension but what gets from our tension , answer is nothing . but , if we spend our life with smile , we can present a good example for other persons .

Smile have many benefits , if you think very concentrate , you will feel that in the form of smile , our blood circulation will become normal . Experience of medical science tells that , smile is very helpful to reduce over and under blood pressure .

Smile is just like light , which save human being from falling into wall , means if smile is always on your face , you can face every problem and get more experience of life and other people will come to you for getting such education . If you read the history of all great people , you will find that all great people are always face every problem of life with smile ............. and they win over the problem . but why are you despair , leave your despair and feel smile .

Moreover with smile increase our health level , doctors says that if a person live with smile , that person can live more than despair and sadness people . Our confidence will increase with our face smile and with this we can solve all the problems of life .

Do you know troubleshooter , how does he become troubleshooter ? They become troubleshooter only with the help of smile , they face every situation of danger with happiness and smile and with this smile they can easy solve that dangerous situation and become no. 1 troubleshooters of life .

So do you want to become winner of life , then start to live with smile .

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