Friday, February 13, 2009

affects of eating chicken

Chicken is very dangerous for health. Medical science is proved it that, with eating chicken, you never save from diseases . With eating chicken you can get unnecessary fat and it will be the first starting of another dangerous diseases. Because, fat is birth place of different diseases like, disabilities, short eye side, heart problems. If you want to get freedom, best way to sacrifice of eating meat. After leaving of chicken, you will feel new spiritual life, because no religion allows eating meat or chicken. All religion is in the favor of eating vegetarian food. Some body says that it is allow in the Muslim religion, but it is wrong. True religion never allow to anyone to kill any person or animal or bird . Have you think with your heart that what will happen when same procedure apply on you or your friend. You feel pain but , all the creation of god also feel same pain . But , you have search on Google what are main affects or side effects or eating of meat and you find me , this is true , Google will show only that page in first rank which will speak truth . So , I am also telling you other affects or side –effects of eating of meat or chicken .

  1. With eating of meat or chicken, you can not feel the pain of others.
  2. With eating of meat or chicken, you will face dangerous diseases of the world. If you do not believe me, the go to hospital and ask the patients what are main reason of their disease. If they will speak truth, then they will say that eating of meat or chicken is the main reason of his diseases.
  3. With eating of meat, you can not develop spirituality, because, spirituality is start from saving and servicing of whole active creation of this world.
  4. Guru Nanak dev ji who is the first Guru of Sikhism said that eating of meat is not good for devotee of God, and with eating of meat means end the way of devotion of God, so leave all type of meat.
  5. With eating of meat, you will injustice with your body and with your soul.
  6. With eating of chicken, you will also do Material injustice because eating Of chicken and money spend for this is wastage and so it is also material injustice.
  7. With eating of meat, you will surely make grave in your Paunch.
  8. With eating of chicken or meat, you will not say Gentleman because, gentleman always save the neck of others but not kill them.
  9. Eating of meat or chicken is crime in the court of God and you will undergo a sentence in the court of God where, you will also take birth in small Progression.
  10. There is not a single feature which show that human being is non vegetarian , he is vegetarian in beginning of this world but , after birthing of Goblins , they started to eat and now if you will eat meat or chicken , you will also become Goblin .

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