Saturday, November 15, 2008

What can I do with Om?

Om is real name of God. There is no disturbance while we speak Om, even dumb can also speak the real name of God ‘Om’. Every religion’s name of God comes from Om. In Sikhism, Om is ‘Ekunkar Sat Nam’. Om is the word of Sanskrit. It means name of supreme power of safeguard each and every living organ in whole world. If God is so kind and he safeguard every time, then what is needed to speak the word Om.

Before answering this question, I want to ask one question from you. If you meet a person who discover the watch. What will you do?
You will give me the answer with same wording that we all will give thanks for this discovery. “Dear discover of watch, you have given us this worthless gift , so we can find the time . We can make our time table with the help of watch.”

But see this world, where you are living. God has given us Son. God has given us water. God has given us food. God has given us this earth where we have made our houses. Then, these great discoveries are done by God. Is it not your duty to give thanking God for this kindness?

Dear friend, God has no need of your thanks .But all us has a mutual duty to give thanks to our God daily. When we speak Om, Om, Om, Om. It means we are calling our God. We want to express our thanks to Our God. God is not far from us. He lives in our heart, but if we do not call him. We can not feel our God in the front of us. The great lover of God has experienced that God is hungry of your love and affection. He needs not your money. He needs not your building. He needs not your Gold. If we call and speak Om with love and affection and with our emotional feeling and understanding that without your kindness we can not live a while, without your kindness we can not enjoy our life. You have power to destruct whole world before passing the one second. We want from you the bravery, we want from you the kindness, and we want from you the sacrifice.

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