Saturday, November 15, 2008

how can change Luck - Tips and tricks for changing luck

I think that luck is made by the person by doing his hard work. Poor can become rich and get each and every thing this world. Luck always support only those people who faiths in work not in luck. Because, Luck is also our consideration of our previous good works before this life. If a person born in rich family and get all comforts from his family, it means he rendered good works in his previous birth, so he is getting his gain in the form of luck. Luck is nothing if you have no balance of your good works.

You must not depend on you luck but do duty and it is sure you will get benefit from this. It may take time for giving you gain. But after some time you will succeed in getting your gain. If you are lazy , you feel depress and always cry for your bad luck . What is bad luck ? Some body can say to me that he has fail in examination , some can say that he has done hard work but his business got loss . Some can say to me that he has loved his wife but he cheated me . This is his bad luck. But I am not agree with you .
It is true that you have done hard work but you have failed but do you know that only learning some question by heart is not full education . You teacher has fail in the examination of three hours but here what is default of your luck . You can try again, I can give you the example of great scientist of Nowton who is not 10th pass but he had discovered great inventions. So never weep for your bad luck for failing in examination.
If you have received loss in your business. This is good for you and your business. Because every loss will make you stronger. Today business is like game in playground. There is no effect of luck on your profit or loss in your business. So never cry for your bad luck.
If you have loved with his wife but your wife cheated you. This is not your bad luck but this is bad work done by your wife. I agree that you are good person. God will punish your wife. If you can do something then, I suggest to you that “make your wife understand that what is benefit of cheating. Leave cheating otherwise I will leave you.”
In last, I think every person has luck in his hand. God has given you chance to get golden opportunity in this life. So do not waste time in thinking about your luck, do your duty.

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