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Ram Parsad Bismil and his autobiography

Ram Parsad bismil was great Indian freedom fighter. He sacrifices his whole life for making to free our country. He martyred for freedom on 19 Dec. 1927 by hanging. He wrote his autobiography before some day of hanging. He succeeded to send it for publishing. Before writing my thoughts on Ram Parsad Bismil, I have read this autobiography fully.
Ram Parsad Bismil was born in Shajapur in Uttar pardash. He got full support from his mother and Guru Swami Somdav for becoming great freedom fighter of Indian.
He was also great writer. If you get the opportunity to read his autobiography then you will find that he is also great thought giver. But he caught in intrique and English Govt. gave him the punishment of death.
For freedom, it is very necessary to have money for guns and food for revolutionary, so Ram parsad bismil had made a good plan for getting the govt money by stopping Kakori- Lakhnao train at kakori station. Only 10 people succeeded to get money. But due to some traitor in group, he caught the police of shajapur and the great leader got this bad punishment.
Today, I want to share the good point of the personality of Ram parsad bismil, if you adopt this in your life, then you can change your life.
1st point
Ram parsad bismil teaches us in his autobiography that we should become celibate. Every student uses the law of Vades for celibacy. He should not see the nasty films. He should not read nasty literature. He should not listen the nasty songs.
2nd Point

We should read and study the biography of Pashuram, Ram, Lakshman, Krishan , Bhisham , Esamasi , Majni , Banda Singh Bhadur , Ram Krishan , Dyanand and Ram Murti. We should hang the pictures of Geat people of this world.

3rd Point

Life of human being is the group of practice. Practice means nature, habit and hobby. So we should always practice for good thoughts. When a bad thought arise in your mind, then drink cold water and go for walking. Because celibacy is very important for your life’s development.

4th point

Main aim of writing this autobiography is to welfare of any soul. In jail , he was telling in his book that the room inside the jail was of 9 X 9 square foot. There is no bathe room and toilet. Three months, he spent his life in this jail before hanging. He rendered bathe, toilet and eating of food and sleeping in this room in Gorakh pur jail.
I think that revolutionary has iron heart, so he can easily tolerate each and every difficulty for his revolution.
If we are enjoying the freedom in India. It is due to martyr like ram parsad bismil.
5th point
Ram Parsad bismil suggested us, the education of countrymen is very necessary. If they do not know their rights and duties up to that period, there is no benefit of revolution. Because without awareness and education of people , it will not be succeeded .
6th point
In last of autobiography Ram Parsad Bismil request that if you want to do something for country, you should do together. With your unity, it will be benefited for all.
“Marta ‘bismilRoshan lahri Ashfak atiyachar sa
Honga pada Sakro Enka rudhir ki Dhar Sa

Vanda Matram
From Ram Parsad Bismil

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