Saturday, November 15, 2008

Role of Wife in national development

Wife is best partner of life. If you want to make any woman as your life partner , you must check the following quality in that woman.
1st quality
A woman can not become a good wife if she has no sweet tongue. It means , if she becomes angry by her speaking expression. She must create quarrel with her husband.
2nd quality
If a woman has not any own thought relating to life .Then she cannot become a good wife. Because, wife always supports her husband by giving her views , opinion and thoughts .But , without good thought ,she can become beautiful and soft body but never become a good wife.
3rd quality
If you want to become good wife, then you must be faithful and create loyalty towards your husband.
4th quality
I think , today’s higher education is not sufficient sign for getting good wife. It is not necessary that the higher educated women can become good wife. M.A. , M.B.A. , M.Sc. or PhD may sign of specialization but it does not apply for becoming good wife. For becoming good wife, woman should understand the basic psychology of her husband and should have the capacity to make flexible according to family attitude, so can she easily adjust in the family. It is the selfless and voluntary area of education that teaches you how to become good wife.
Today, the day of awareness, now we should need to understand the wife concept in new way. All husbands should understand that his wife is not his sex satisfying machine. But she is his real partner in his suffering and happiness of life. Even coitus is done only holy aim of reproduction.
If you have to marry with any man then before marry think on following point
1st point
Never marry with a man who uses drinks and smokes.
2nd point
Never marry that man whose thought are narrow and negative. Because good thoughts create good character and good personality.
3rd point
Never marry that man who is coward and fear from taking the responsibility of family.
4th point
Never marry that man who see only your beauty and money but does not see your skills and your quality.

In last, I will say all wives of whole world, if you will succeed to make their family happy, then whole world will become happy.

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