Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My thought on problems

Today, I am giving my views on the topic of problem. Every body faces problems in their daily life. It may be relating to family, society or business or office .When we are entrapped in problems, we feel helpless. We demand some help from other and God. After that if you do not get any solution of problems, you feel despair.
Do not despair, make the friendship with each and every problem. From, my childhood, I have 100000 problems, now these problems are my best friends. One problem gives me the direction to solve next problem.
Today, I am really and truly saying all of you that I can not live without problem. Because I welcome with my hand shake to every problem in this whole world .I am ready to do friendship with every problem. If you have any problem then try to make friendship with this .If you are unable to make friendship then take my help .

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