Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My thought on pen, paper and good mind

There is very compulsory for writing any thought that you have pen , paper and good mind .Writing of good thought is not any easy work. This is very tough work. When I write my thought on any topic , I always use my pen and paper .Then , I stress on my mind , what should I write relating to the topic.
It is true that pen and copy is changed keyboard and ms word. But every topic can not write just with help of computer and keyboard. Before writing my thoughts ,I get some experience of my topic and write some lines with the help of pen and paper .Some time when I thought a beautiful body of topic , but I was no pen and paper .After reaching my home , I forget that beautiful body of my topic .So if you are writer , then always keep a pen , paper and good mind .
Once I had pen and paper but I did not understand how to start that topic. So , if you have not good mind and deepness of your heart , you never write a single effective and wonderful word in your written thoughts.
Pen for me is like wood, paper for me is like fire and my good mind is like gold. When I try to combine all three things then I write my thought .Then it rises like pure gold .Because each and every thought is tested in my mind’s laboratory. So, I am thankful that person who invented pen and paper .I also thankful to God Who has given me good mind.

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