Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scientific explanation of internal system of human body

Dear friend,
I am not giving my report on the post mortem of any dead body of any person .But, I simply want to give some education of our internal system of human body.
Human being’s machine is one the best machine in whole world. Our structure of body is made of bones .Then basic hardware is set in our body. In this hardware we can include our heart, brain, liver , kidney and stomache.
Now God attached so many blood wires in it .One of the wires that is called vanes .Some wire of filthy blood and some others are of pure blood.
There are three system in our internal body
1st system
Food digestion system:-
When we eat anything our digestion system consume it automatically. God created our teeth, intestine for making digestion. You know if open our intestine, it will 40 feet long .Different digesting glands also help for digestion.
2nd System
Breathing System
This is also automatic system. In this system we takes oxygen and withdraw carbon dioxide
3rd System
Operating System
This is wonderful system of God. This is called operating system. Not only two above but every work is done by our operating system .Without this system our soul can not live .The operator of this machine is God but he does not see to our MBBS doctors, he see whole body on the base of cause and effect study. But if you feel and see the internal system with your internal eyes, you will found that our God activate each and every system in our body .How we pick our hand up. Science says that brain gives order but who gives order to our brain to do that work. Think and give me answer.

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