Saturday, November 15, 2008

My thought on the power of thought

Our good thoughts are the great power in this world. If you think something new and write it on the paper and give the facility to whole world to read you’re thought on this new concept. It will wonderful development in the field of education. I am very thankful to Google Incorporate who has made this great search engine. With this I read the thoughts of great people who think new and I can also share my thought with whole world with the help of internet and web network.
Today, we have everything. We have good building, we have good car, good bike. We have all physical matter of luxuries and comforts. But today I am very sad that we have not good thoughts that because we do not know the power of your thought. Your all commodities for comforts and luxuries are destructible. But you all thought are immortal. Besides of all thing of this world we have not happiness. Because by running more and more commodities, we have killed our internal voice. By writing my thoughts in this website I am trying to re-alive myself. The real aim of thinking and sharing is satisfaction of mind, heart and soul. There will no fluctuations. Your good thought can bring great revolution in this world. We should give importance that person who has great thought and he want to share with us.
If your thought wins the bad thought of killer. There will no killing in next time. If your thoughts win the bad thoughts of criminals. There will no need of jails in whole world next time.

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