Saturday, November 15, 2008

Benefits of old age

Old age is like the season of autumn. This the end stage of our body. You should live this part of life very braverly. It is also duty of children and young people to serve the old people. One thing is the surplus in the hand of old people that is their work experience. They know lot of work so we should not ignore them from our life. Because our ignorance can break their heart in their old age. Spend your some time with your old grandfather or grandmother or your old parents. I feel sad when I listen about old age home. What is the need of these homes? This old age home just show our foolness and our narrow thinking. We are thinking that these old people are like dead paper or dust what is the need to feed them. How can you feed them ? This is perfect proof of our narrow thinking .This narrow thinking is the main limit of our progress and growth. But I am thinking that I want such society where the all old people can live with respect and honour with their sons and daughters. I think, these old people for me is like tree . Without tree we feel hesitation. Without these old people, we will restless. These people are our roof of our house. It is also duty of old people that they should leave their narrow thinking from their mind. It is true that you are spending third stage of your life . Your hairs have become white. But, you are old with your body. But today you are young with your soul . If your thinking will become narrow , then I will say you old in your young age. So activate your self . When God has given you the time of 100 years . God has not declare that you have become old. If you follow all the rules of nature and try to spend your life according to nature and natural way. I will promise you that you will see young in your old age.
My tips for becoming young in your old age
1st tip
4-6 times laugh in every day
2nd tip
Never take any tension in your mind and brain
3rd tip
Morning and evening walking is very necessary.
4th tip
Give you love to children and young people with your sweet tongue
5th tip
Always think that old is Gold.

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