Friday, October 31, 2008

importance of morning time

Today, I am writing my thought on morning time. I think that morning time is the best time to begin any work. Because, In this time, your brain becomes so active .Your remembering power is increasing very fastly. There is a peace in whole world .Even the God is distribution his all happiness and pleasure at this time .

One poet write a very good poem on morning time in Hindi language .I have tried to translate into English language.

The morning time has gone,
The lazy is sleeping as becoming unlucky,
All has awoken, but you have not!
The lucky are fulfilling their bags,
Many fallen saved their lives,
The poor became king and absorb in devotional layer at this morning time,
All has awoken, but you have not!
You did well, so you wore the dress of human being,
Lose your diamond as becoming lazy,
Your thoughts became dead,
You sacrificed your human dress due to loss yourself,
All has awoken, but you have not!
Human being, you never thought anything,
You did not repay the debts of your masters,
You were the form of swan (soul),
You made the water dirty by becoming crow (fluctuating mind),
All has awoken, but you have not!
There is also another meaning of morning time. This human life is also our morning time because all other creatures of nature never pray to God with this human tongue. You can do good works and reach in your real house .This house is called the house of God .After this, you will never come to this death place. So never sleep at this time because if you sleep at this time you waste just your worthless time without any mission.

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