Friday, November 21, 2008

10 Benefits of Humanity

Dear friends,
Today , I have taken a very good topic humanity and its 10 benefits. I will prove in this article that if any human being knows his humanity. He can give and take benefits from this humanity .This benefits can not get from money or wealth or any human being whose humanity has been dead.

1st benefit of humanity

If a person , who faced a very dangerous accident , he is on the road . His whole body is injured and blood is flowing . If you have some humanity in your heart . You can carry him to hospital and you can saved his life. This is first benefit of humanity which give us the lesson of help the needies . If you have money and your money is not give any benefit to injured person . Here , your physical help is needed .

2nd benefit of humanity

If you see any body who is hungry and thirsty .If you give him water and food for eating . He can get peace from the fire of hunger and thirstiness. Your humanity can give new life to that person.
3rd benefit of humanity

Humanity is the main character of any human being .It is the essential part of any human ‘s personality . If you have worn pant – kamij and tie . But you have no time to listen the misery of an unhappy person . Then I will say that you are dead in your personality .It is simple saying that your listening the misery of an unhappy person can reduce his misery . This is one of his best benefit of humanity.

4th benefit of humanity

Humanity is top education for becoming good human being .

5th benefit of humanity

If a person passes the test of the standard examination of humanity , then that person will able to reform more than millions of people .

6th benefit of humanity

If any body takes place the direct relationship with humanity , he will becomes angel from a normal person.

7th benefit of humanity

Humanity is the identification of the caste of human beings . We can easily identify any human beings from his humanity.

8th benefit of humanity

If anybody has even a single quality of humanity , then I will say that , that person is full of the thousands collected pure –qualities .

9th benefit of humanity

Humanity is that climax of knowledge where person crosses the boundaries of ignorance of sex , anger , greed , false deep love and false proud .

10th benefit of humanity

Human is that weapon which can make friends to enemies . The fires of jealousy is extinguished as he bears the quality of humanity .

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