Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Sleeping

Sleeping is stage at which your eyes are closed and nervous system become inactive. Like other basic needs, it is also a basic need of any alive organ in this world. Good sleeping is a sign of fitness. If you sleep in night without any disturbance. It means you are fit and fine. But if there is no sleep in your eyes and after working full day, you never sleep in night or sleeping never overcome to you it means you are not fit.
I am giving some view and suggestion for converting your sleepless in to better sleeping:-

1 All work is done by this physical body, so please think one minute, that your health is more important than your work .With better health , you can do better work. 10 p.m. is right time for your sleeping.

2. Our body is made of cells, after working all day, some cells demands repair and some wants to reproduction. So please sleep for doing recovery of cells and recharge of your body machine.

3 If you are in disease, then doctor also advice you for some rest and sleep

4. Take some water, bathe your face and foots, after this all matter forget and speak 50 times Gaytri mantra. It is best formula for good sleeping .After 50 times speaking this spiritual mantra, it will sure you will sleep.

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