Tuesday, October 28, 2008

25 Tips for becoming good teacher

1st tip
A good teacher never becomes angry. So if you want to become good teacher you should live and speak sweetly.
2nd tip

A teacher earns for his tongue. So never abuse to any one if you want to become good teacher.

3rd tip

World’s most difficult job is the job of mother because mother is the first teacher for her children , so accept this career as all students are like your own children.

4th tip
The teacher should be attached with students’ heart and try to best to make understand the student. This is good tip for becoming good teacher.
5th tip
A good teacher produces vitality in his students. After this production he becomes the master of his work.
6th tip
The character of teacher must be as clean as blank paper or water. If he creates bad or sexual relations with his or her students, then he or she can never become good teacher. The relationship between teacher and student is holy. So, never try to make it dirty.
7th tip
Understanding by you is not enough for your victory in the field of teaching but to make understand your students and they gave good response after your teaching that is your real victory in the field of teaching. So, your value is in your effective and efficient teaching.
8th tip
If you have to face the students first time, then try to understand historical background of your students, what is their economic level, their learning environment and parents’ nature, you should deal them psychologically.
9th tip
Your holding on your subject must be firm. This can only possible if , you do extra hard work for learning each point of your subject.
10th tip
Good teacher’s responsibility is preparing his/her students for future independent life. He teaches them how to live in society as good citizen. Good teacher always tries to give moral education to their students. Moral education is very necessary for getting any other education in any field of world. How to behave others, how to talk with others, manner of asking questions and many other etiquettes is taught by him. So , if you want to become good teacher , it is your duty to give some moral education to your students.

11th tip

Every action of teacher is a new lesson for your students. So think before doing any action in your life. If you begin to behave well to your students, your students will act upon your action. Every action of teacher becomes the reaction of your students. So try to improve your action first for changing the behavior of your students.
12th tip
You can not become good teacher by giving punishment to your students. With this , you will become dictator because your students will fear from you .This will become your weak point .So never try to give physical punishment but try to understand the psychology of weak and unstable students .There are many reasons , if your student does not do your home work or create disturbance in the class. Try to solve these problems like the problems of your subject.
13th tip

If you have chosen this profession, then ready to deal with living thing. You are not shop keeper who deals in goods or product which are not living. These products or goods will not say to you about their problems. But many students will create problems by noising, beating to other students, abusing to other students .They can fight with each other .After this , it is your duty to give such advice to the students and their parent so that the environment will become peace and silence.
14th tip
If you want to become good teacher. You have to learn child psychology very deeply. Some students are God gifted intelligent and some other very weak. It is your duty to create a balance in your teaching so that two category can get perfect education from you without any disturbance.
15th tip
Nature teaches us many things, if you try to give the example from nature and from the society of students then, you can easily make your students intelligent.
16th tip
A good teacher never runs back of money. So if you want to become good teacher, you should not teach the tuition classes for the sake of money. But give extra time to weak students to make them perfect.
17th tip

Fitness is essential point for a good teacher. If you want to good teacher, your good health is main part of your personality. For making fitness, you should do some yoga and some morning and evening exercise.
18th tip
It is very necessary for becoming good teacher that you have to become good student. Because end of curiosity to know something means the end of your good teaching.
Why are students attracted on you?
The answer is that he thinks that you are perfect and up to date in your taught subject.
So, make yourself perfect and up-to-date by learning through internet and printed news also.
19th tip
A practice makes man perfect. This saying also applies on the teacher. Do practice for becoming good teacher. One day , you will become good teacher. On the following point , you have to practice

1st point
To speak better
2nd point
To write better
3rd point
Vocabulary knowledge
4th point
Remember the each and every topic of your subject
5th point
Class controlling techniques
20th tip
If you want to become good teacher read all the books of Swami Vivekananda. According to my thought he is the best teacher in whole world.
21st tip
If you want to become good teacher, you have to do some struggle for this. After 10 to 15 years struggle in the field of education, you will become good teacher automatically.
22nd tip
If you want to become good teacher, remember one of your good teachers. What was the good point in him/her? How he/she taught to you. Analyze, why you deemed him/her good teacher. After analysis the whole concept, you will get the result of some main point. Try to follow these points in your real teaching life .I hope, you will find very good result from doing this.
23rd tip
Your way of talking also effect on your students. Speak loudly, clear and without any disturbance in your voice. If your voice is stopped and there is no balance in your talking and your thinking, then on this point, I suggest you that take the trail class of your self before taking class of your student. Then note the point of your topic on which you can hesitate. By doing this trail classes you can increase your confidence.
24th tip
Make the friendship with internet. If you are the teacher of today, then try to give some time to internet. Internet is the platform or stage, where you can meet large number of expert teacher of your teaching subject in whole world.
25th tip
In the Indian spiritual books, Like Veda, Upanishads, Ramayana, Gita, Shri Guru Grandh Sahib , there are many education knowledge . Read daily, after reading and understanding these spiritual books, you can understand the voice of God,
Who is a good teacher and what is his duty???
In last of the article I want to tell you that becoming of good teacher is 100% in your hand. Try to follow my tips for becoming good teacher. I hope, you will surely become good teacher.

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