Friday, October 24, 2008


First of all "happy deepawali" to all of my website visitors. I hope that deepawali makes your life more pleasure. Now, I want to share my thoughts on deepawali. Deepawali is Indian festival. But now , it celebrated whole world. Deepawali’s other name is Dewali .It means a day when Shri Ram Chander had returned after fourteen years to his city . The people of Ayodya had decorated the whole city in the happiness of Shri Ram Chander . But today , It is more important deepawali than that day. Because , today siness has increased 100 times than that day. Ram is the sign of honesty , truthness and performer of duty . So If we want to celebrate this day on 28/10/2008 . We must swear that we will bring honesty , truthness and become the performer of duty from this day. Only burning of bumb and enjoy is not real aim of deepawali . By burning the bumb and pataka , we are increasing pollution . We have to change the way of celebrating this day. We should pray to God that we will do work like Shri Ram Chander from this day. We obey our parents’ order from this day. We will respect our wife and take the responsibility of safeguarding her. By act upon Shri Ram Chander thoughts is the real celebration of Deepawali.
It is the duty of teachers to teach their student about deepawali and its importance. This is the good opportunity to all of us to change ourself. Because Shri Ram chander is firm determined . If he promised to any one to do any work then he never took back step. So if we want to celebrate deepawali in real sense then we should become firm determined person.
In last , I wish you happy deepwali again.

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