Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 ways of removing tension

1st wayIf you want to remove , your tension try to think the reason of tension and try to remove these tension , your tension will automatically remove.
2nd way
Tension is the imbalanced position of mind.So, for your balancing your mind , you must control over mind. For this , you have to do any good work ,so your mind will busy for doing that work and you feel tension free.
3rd way
Sometime , there can be many reasons for your tension. So make the schedule and try to solve your biggest problem first.After solving that problem ,step by step try to solve other problems.
4th way
If you compress your tension in your heart .It will empty your body , your face and body will become dry and without blood. So tell the reason to any wise man ,so that your heart feels light.
5th way
Study the psychology books deeply. After expert in psychology you will learn that every tension is created only by you and your wrong thinking. Just positive thinking can remove your all tension
6th wayWhy , I am writing my thought .The answer is that I want to make my thinking positive because if I will remove my tension . It means I can help to remove your tension. So write one article of positive thinking daily
7th way
Make the time table of your all work and stop narrow thinking of all matters which is increasing your tension.
8th way
Consult any expert who can solve your problem.
9th way
Life is an art , every step of life can succeed you or create tension for you . So , think 10 times before taking any step of your real life.
10th way
Walk some distance daily, do some yog daily. Rest some while after one hour or two hour work. Concentration of God who is doing his all work without any tension

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