Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 Tips for Getting Self confidence

Self confidence is main power of human life. Without our self-confidence we can not do any difficult work. There is also self confidence so important .Because with this we can win the match of our life. We can get our life aim with the help of self confidence .So if you want to enhance your confidence. Then ready to read my following tips. These tips, I have written with my heart not with my brain. So please keep my thought in your heart as gift of next week depawali (one the best Indian festival).

Ist Tip

Self confidence is your internal power to face any thing. So try to face with imagination before facing actual situation. Suppose, if you can not speak perfect English. You fear what people will say then start speaking English with your self by closing all doors. On the one side act as listener of your English lecture on the other side you have to play as speaker. This is good way to enhance your self confidence.

2nd Tip

Take the challenge is very useful tool for increasing your self confidence. Without taking challenge, you never increase your self confidence. Challenge means doing continually like a mad person until you do not win your game. It is reality that you will defeat many times. Don’t care about this point but learn from your defeat point. Next time you get confidence to win that game.

3rd Tip

Every day say that you are increasing your confidence. You do not fear from anybody. Speak loudly and 5 to 10 times repeat that “Dear God, you are most powerful in whole universe, please change my mind from all bad things to good things. “ This is the real pray of God. If you will succeed to create the balance and concentration in your mind with pray to God. You will surely get self- confidence.

4th Tip

Self – confidence is not a material product which we can buy from market. For getting self –confidence, you have to practice day and night after this you will learn the art of doing that work. In the beginning I can not write any word perfectly on my type machine but now I after many years practice I can write every thing without seeing the key words on keyboard , so you do practice and leave the tension of you confidence on god. You self –confidence will automatically increase.

5th Tip

It is true that every body will do every thing confidently in which he is truly interested. So create your interest in that work in which you feel that you have not self confidence. Next time I will write on how to create the interest on that work in which you are not interest. But now it is your home work to create your interest to enhance your self-confidence. Think and understand.

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