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Happy Shri krishan Janam Ashatami !

Shri krisha gave great education of doing duty and not desire of getting results . So we are celebrating his birthday , today 24/08/08 . Congratulations all of you . Because Shri krisha has great thoughts and ideas . If any body acts upon these thoughts he can change his whole life and become perfect in the struggle of life .

Gita is Great book of world . It is just written book of Shri Krisha’s education . A large number of people writes the book on Gita . My guide Dr. Mathura Dass Sawtanter has also write a small book on bal Gita in Hindi .
But today , I am trying to give my thoughts on Gita .

Gita’s first chapter is said arjun vishad yog . It is drawn the picture of Arjun’s anxious mind in this chapter , korav had abducted pandav’s state with cheating . Pandav tried that by any way they obtain their state part without fighting . But they cannot succeed . Sinner dharyodan said clearly that he would not give them a place equal to needle’s point .
On this , the fight started with vigour , assume it was competition of unrighteous and righteous . Pandav have stood for killing .in the battle field of krukshetra .Arjun is abrave man among pandav .Pandav fully faith on the arms’ power . Arjun’s mind fills with deep love to see his relatives ready to kill each other .His intellect feels giddy he is uncertain what to do one side , the question is to do the duty , other side’s question is to kill his relatives that ‘s all he is nervous .
His body feels to tremble , soft and small hairs of body is stood , mouth is dried up .
In this way his rationality is destructed and his thoughts of duty and non duty is died . Arjun is a devotee of shri Krishna and shri Krishna is a charioteer in battlefield . Arjun tells shri Krishna that O God ! why he kill elder aged man and relatives , It will be very bad . , I understand good to beg .

Arjun denied to fight .His bow throw upon earth and sadly with filled eyes he sets on the corner of chariot .
So , this lesson is called Arjun vishad yog.
Shri Krishna gave immortal education . It is moral advice after watching this situation of arjun which is called Gita .Shri Krishna makes arjun understand that hey arjun ! your heart has filled with deep love with your relatives .Why are you agitating with deep love .You have understood same both body and soul.This is your mistake .Every body’s soul is immortal and body indestructible . Only body cuts with sword not soul .Dying of body soul does not die .Soul always exists and will always exist .Birth and die is only for body , soul is ever young and immortal .
See Arjun ! Duty is lovable thing , if you will not do the duty your soul will fall down . You will be downfall .Your fight is moral fight .Join in moral fight after sacrificing all deep love .If you died in this moral fight , then you will go to paradise .Your welfare in both situations .You have ball shaped sweetmeat in your both hands . .Hey arjun ! you do your duty with equal feeling , fighting without act attachment feeling fight to know equal to pleasure , sadness , profit –loss ,win – defeat . You will not become sinful to do such things. This lesson is concerned to soul relative knowledge . Therefore this lesson is called Gyan Yog .
Arjun is anxious in this type that he does not understand Krishna’s secret talking .He again ask the question which begins third chapter of Gita .Third chapter explains Karam yog. Karam yog is also called unselfish yog . Do their duty with any desire of result .This is called unselfish yog.
Gita says ,” leave result and do the work “
Leave hope and do duty
Do duty unselfishly
This is unforgettable voice of Gita .He fells who leave duty , he climbs who leave results , while doing duty . This is the theme of Gita .
God Krishna says that hey arjun ! your right is in doing the duty , your right is not on its results .your welfare is also in this .
Hey Arjun ! Raja Janank had obtained supernatural powers with doing duty .You do duty to establish model for people . With fighting and doing duty such a way , there will be a way effect on your coming progeny . You reputation will exist for long time .

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