Friday, August 29, 2008

My thought on marriage

Today I am writing my thought on marriage, It is not necessary that you will agree with my thoughts. Marriage is not just partnership between man and woman. It is link of two personality with love and personality . If you think that marriage is just for satisfying sexual need. Then this is not good definition. Because, sex is not our basic need our basic need is love . Which is true and time never change it . If you want to marry just for the sake of sexual satisfaction then never marriage with other. Now one question is arisen in my thinking .

Is it necessary to marry with other ????????????????????????????

My thoughts gives me idea that it is not necessary because without marriage we can live a good life , without marriage we can make food , without marriage we can enjoy the life
But my thought in end says me that marriage is very necessary because without the partnership of love and affection life is not complete , without the marriage we are ignoring the law and order of God but

In end my thoughts gives me suggestion that marriage is on your will , you can marry or not , it is your decision , take it very carefully because after marriage you can not take decision or remarriage because this is sin .

If you have taken the decision not to marry with any girl in whole world. Then , try to make an aim for welfare so that people will say you dharma father . If you do not want to marry then do not spend your life just for the sake of enjoy , write something , read something . Never read sexual literature because it will misguide you to do that thing which is not good .

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