Thursday, September 4, 2008

My thoughts on young Generation

Dear friends ,
Today is Teacher day . So first of all I congratulate my all teachers who give me education . Today I want to write my thoughts on young generation . Where they are going and what they are doing . I do not understand his real thinking . Just wasting of time is their purpose of life . Abusing to each other . They should respect their teacher and parents so that they can become good citizen of India. It is reality , Today young generation is using every resource just for his fun and enjoy. This is not good . Because young generation should concentrate his all power and uses it for specific motive . I am also young but differ from today young generation. I think that we get this freedom with a very huge struggle why we are ending this freedom. No doubt India has progress after freedom but It is also true that Indian young people has also captured in different bad habits like using of drugs , eating of meat , eggs , abusing , smuggling , black marketing , ragging , insulting and raping of young girls , sex before marriage etc . This is not called the feature of a good person.
I suggest that he should leave all these things. But work hard to get the development of India . Take slogan that Work for India treat as worship

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