Saturday, July 19, 2008

My thoughts on Strategic Planning

Strategy is the science of planning and directing operation of client .Suppose e If you are deciding to make strategic planning. Then in our mind a group of senior manager will set who are determining activities of strategy of business .It includes logical behavior , analysis of competitive market , capacity of company and its weakness and its identification Now imagine some one crafting strategy . An entirely different image most likely results, as different from planning as craft is from mechanization. Craft evokes traditional skill, dedication, perfection through the mastery of detail. What springs to mind is not so much thinking as involvement of a feeling of intimacy and harmony with material in hand, developed through long experience and commitment from relation and implementations merge into a fluid of learning, through which creative strategies evolve.

Strategic planning is top manager’s active, conscious attempts to design a scheme to position an organization within its external environments.
The entrepreneurial approach may be appropriate for a small, new organization with a strong leader striving to find its niche in the market place. It might also work well for a distressed organization that needs a bold, new approach if it is to survive. The adaptive model may be only choice available to an organization whose mission is specified and can not be changed. For most established organizations, the planning can not be changed. For most established organizations, the planning style serves well because it represents a conscious and systematic attempt to fit an organization into its task environment.
Need of strategic planning consultant
Because this consultant is very helpful for growing in competition. I am giving example of Indian company reliance:-
In the competition for markets , it has won through an aggressive strategy based largely on scale and pre-emption .by continuously investing in capacity , often ahead of manifest demand , reliance has not only expanded its market share but has also wrested all investment initiative from its competitors . In essence, it has played a chicken game to see who blinks first and given its reputation of always putting its money where its mouth is, it is competitors who have blinked. The net result is that reliance has come to command between 33 and 80%market in India for all its key products. These market shares have translated into cost advantages making reliance the most profitable company in its industry during an upswing and robust in a downswing .So above example clears that a strategically constant can change the life of any company in whole world.

I am giving business strategically plan

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