Saturday, July 19, 2008

My thoughts on Jobs and education

Job is any work under any other person’s control .It is done for earning the money. If you want to make career in human resource consultant .for this you must specialize in personnel management. This branch of management education. For becoming hr consultant. We should know the definition of human resource management. Human resource management is primary department which deal with employee. It creates relationship with employee and employer.
An human resource consultant must have full knowledge of human resource management.
Then if you becoming hr. Consultant you must educate the function of hr consultant .So that after learning them we can give hr consulting .
This function relates to the procuring of sufficient and appropriate number of persons for carrying out business work. The needs of the organization should be assessed to find out the requirement of persons. Besides number, the procurement of suitable persons is also essential. For this purpose, the requirements of various jobs should be studied for fixing the educational and technical experience of persons expected to man those jobs. Only the right type of persons will be able to give satisfactory results.
In specializing in hr. You should educate on compensation technique. It is concerned with securing adequate and equitable remuneration to persons working in the organization. Job analysis will enable in fixing the remuneration for various jobs. The needs of the jobs and qualifications of persons who will take up those jobs should be taken into consideration while fixing remuneration .if employee are paid less than they should have got , they may leave the job at an earliest opportunity. So compensation should be fixed in such a way that it is able to attract and retain suitable persons in the organization.
Integration is concerned with the attempt to effect reconciliation of individual, organization and social interest. It involves infusing among employees a sense of belonging to the enterprise. The employee should identify their personal interest with that of the organization. They should have a feeling everything of the enterprise will also be in their interest. This will bring about harmony of interest both of employees and the organization.
There should be proper communication channel at all levels. The grievances of employees should be redressed at the earliest this will help in creating good industrial relations and will integrate them.

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