Saturday, July 19, 2008

My thoughts on Coaching

Coaching is a teaching. Every student wants a good coach who guides him. We know that coaching centre is a place where coaching work is done by coach. But best benefit of is that it can easily improve the weak students in obtaining education. Coach's personal attachment with student has its own effect. It is different from school education because more than 30-40 students in class is not a place where each and every will grow. But only maximum limit of 10 students in any coaching centre can change their behavior. Coaching is very interesting to those who want to not only his subject but all other areas of knowledge which can not be given by teacher in formal school.
Only an expert in the field of education can give coaching. Suppose If I want to give the coaching of subject of English .then I must know full grammar of English and vocabulary. If any student wants to know the biggest word of English dictionary .I should knowledge to give the answer of my student's question. With simple say I will say the word contemporaneousness is the biggest word of English dictionary. It is noun and it is the state of being contemporary. So I can easily help of my student .According to Swami Vivekananda the great Indian philosopher said that A coach is single person who can develop his student fully both mentally, physically and spiritually .
Qualification of Coaching consultant:-

Because we are discussing topic under human resource. So Every employee nee some practical coaching of office or factory work so that he can face every challenge of his organization. The qualification includes a specialize degree of coaching subject. He should be in home at his subject.
A coaching consultant gets two earning. One they get reputation other they get money. But they make our clients life. I always remember my coach Dr. Mathura dass sawtanter who guided me in a way so that I stand on my own foot. He is my real God.
A coach should have following qualities
1. Deep knowledge of subject
2. He should know that every client wants love, encourage and pride from his coaching consultant.
3. He must know the psychology. The psychology is science of mind .coach should read the mind of client.
4. He should know the art of treating clients problem.
5. He should have the power of co-ordination and co-operation.

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