Saturday, July 19, 2008

Health Admin

Health is wealth. This is general saying. But when we talk on the topic of health administration. Then this is only related to top management of health organization. Health administration means that a system which makes all planes , coordinating , staffing , directing and controlling are all related to health organization. Any company which deal with health products, medicinal or advice of them need health administrator or manager.
This industry also grows with fast rate. A large number of managers who have background in field of health go to serving in health administration.
Health administrator’s main duty to make decisions for health organization .Decision may be long time or short time. It is top level task. Many people want to go this field. Because they think if they enter in this field they will earn money with deep knowledge of health information.

Tips for success
· Hard work with thinking that he is doing noble work in the area of health
· Your all efforts should be done for the welfare of organization
· If you are working in any non profit health organization. Then you must not count your work in the form of money. But your success is in your work worship.
· This is a challenging job. Please accept it with bravely.
· You must know the technique of decisions making. If you have not this skill .please learns it from any specialist.
· Your mind thinking must be analytical for this job. Because in this job a lot analytical work you will do .so read all logical information of business in the field of health.

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