Saturday, July 19, 2008

Career in intellectual property rights

Intellectual properties rights are mainly statutory rights which allow the creator or owner of product to prevent others from exploiting the same commercial for a certain period of time. These rights make the creator as the owner of the product. IPR is not a modern concept; its roots can be traced back in the15th century when invention of printing press enabled copying of literary works. This illegitimate copying led to the emergence of certain statutes to protect individual .creation and inventions. That was the beginning of the journey of iprs which has now taken a global shape in the form of world intellectual property organization an trade related intellectual property rights agreement.

As there are several ways and means of protecting the tangible assets ,similarly m there are several tools to safeguard the intangible properties like book , a poem , a scientific or technological creation , industrial or agricultural creation, a broadcast , a film or nay thing that is created originally by human resources. Following are the tools of protecting originality and creativity.
Trade mark
A trade mark can be a logo , a symbol , word , phrase , jingle , picture ,sound or even smell or a combination of all these which is used to distinguish one work /service from another .trademark provides distinct identity to a particular good and thus protects it from being copied .

Trade secrets
Trade secret protection is safeguard to protect the secrets of a product or work.
A patent is the right of an individual or group of individuals in the form of company / organization to gain or unique manufacturing process. A patent is basically an intellectual property relating to scientific and technological intentions. A patent is granted by the government of country to the applicant and gives inventor the right for a limited period to prevent others from using that invention in any form without permission. When a patent is granted, the inventor becomes the owner of the patent. Like any other form of property, a patent can be transacted purchased, sold or even mortgaged.
It is a tool protecting the original literary works, books m novels, lyrics, songs, and computer programmes etc. The moment these creations come into existence, they become the property of the creator.
A design is the presentation of the whole or part of a product resulting from the features of color, size shape, texture or materials of product
Potential employers
· Law firms
· Institutes working on agriculture
· Institute offering courses in ipr
· Software companies
· Pharmaceuticals

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