Saturday, July 19, 2008

Career and job satisfaction strategic views

Career and job satisfaction are two important aspects of an individual. Having obtained a basic degree from an academic college or a professional degree from an institution, the ultimate aim is to make a successful career. There are several roads, which take an individual to a good career.
Job satisfaction may come with a career commensurate with an individual’s education and his personal capabilities. This stage can be achieved only when an individual has finally travelled to a job enabling him to contribute in a broader and wider way with entire satisfaction to his inner conscious and with a proper appreciation by the beneficiary and stakeholders. Career chosen by an individual has no meaning if it does not offer plentiful job satisfaction. This equilibrium of career and job satisfaction may be achieved only by looking at the progressive side with concerted efforts .each piece of work or information gathered in life does not go waste, rather it gives strength to an individual's vision. Therefore one should accept a career what so ever offered and should continue efforts to choose the desired career. It is such an irony that besides knowing the negative as well as positive points for any career option, an individual still finds himself in a situation which is very troublesome. There are so many constraints in choosing a career when one gets into that part of life. There is pressure that is applied by an individual's parents. It is called pressure because many parents have their own dreams for their children and hence when the situation for choosing a career comes then the parents are the first who suggest a career from a wide list. Another pressure comes from the influence of friends and lastly the pressure of his/her own dreams to become a successful person. All these factors create a dilemma in the mind of an individual. Selection of a career is not only a sensitive but a critical issue audit should be handled well .no hasty action in particular , should be taken in this context as it may lead at a later stage to frustration and to some serious problems . Career prospects can be in any field that Interest an Individual. It can be anything from veterinary science to engineering, medical, art, commerce or even social work. Here one has to be quite sure that whatever an Individual accepts should fetch him an exciting career and hence It makes him or her feel If not fully, but to some extent satisfied. The bottom line should plan and work accordingly to achieve one’s goal.

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