Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Family Relationships

By changing yourself, you can create good family relationships. Good family relationships means achievement of success. No need to go to court for solution. Just start to obey the order of your parents, brother, sister, wife and children. This life is the life of compromise. It is better than quarrel in your family. This is also main struggle of your life. Change yourself. Why are you angry with your family? Try to cool your temper. Accept this as challenge for your life.

A basic need in family is comfort and peace. No need to become greedy. Give some time for your family. What will benefit of your richness if your family is against you.

Make a theory

Give first to your family and never demand from your family.

I am very simple man who can only teach what is truth and it is on you whether you accept my idea or not.

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  1. a lot of wonderful things happen when we are meek. Praise God for people who answer softly to a harsh question..and who try not to be rude when rude people surround him.