Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Aid

First Aid is not treatment of Doctor . Main aim of first aid is to keep patient in favourable condition unless he is not checked by Doctor. It Seems very easy but doing it practical is most difficult .
In my childhood , I have attended first aid training . So , I have remember many important things of this task .

There are three main aim of First Aid :-

  1. Keep patient alive .

  2. To reduce his pain and to stop the outflow of his blood.

  3. To stop worsening of any injuries .

Sympathy , timely help , benevolence , compassion , humanity are undoubtedly great qualities . But it is very necessary to get proper education , training and knowledge .In future , I will write step by step instructions for First Aid in this blog . I also want your reaction . So please comment below also .

I will discuss different topics relating to relating to first aid which can be categorize with following way.

  1. Providing artificial breathing .
  2. flowing of blood treatment
  3. Asphyxia
  4. Feel shock
  5. injury of backbone
  6. Any other accident
Every person should read such articles because in emergency , if you do not know how to keep patient under first aid , you can help other and never become good human being in this world .

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