Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Benefits of Gaytri Mantra Chant

Gaytri mantra is maha mantra and in the field of spirituality , chanting of this mantra is very necessary . Large number of benefits which we can not count , we can easily get with chanting of this great mantra . It is my personal experience that this mantra can create direct relation with God and you feel satisfaction .

In this world , a person demands three things , money , material goods and peace . All three things is dependent on your work called Karma . But chanting of gaytri mantra is karma yoga . When you will continually chant this gaytri mantra , your Ashad Chakra will activate .

This is position of consciousness . You will feel that God is near with you. After continually chanting gaytrimantra , your third eye will open . This eye is the eye of knowledge and education . What you will remember , you will easily cover in your brain because , after chanting of Gaytri mantra , your level of learning will increase . If you feel weakness , all weakness will also stopped with any problem . Your internal power will increase with chanting . Because power will not utilize in Kama , Krodha , lobha , moha and Ahakara ( sex , anger , greed , beloved and pride ) . This will surely increase , your power .

In this world , we want to get freedom from 84 lakhs re-births and never come to this world . How can it possible . Yes , it can only possible with Gaytri mantra . Gaytri mantra and his chanting can provide you the way of Moksha . That is called mokti , Freedom from human body or any other creature body .

" Om bhur bhava sava tatsavitur vara niyam bhargodavasya dhi mahi dyo yo na par cho dyat "

Dear God , you have given us birth , you have given us food to eat and live , you have protected us from every sadness of world . You kind love is always flowing on us . Dear inspire our mind and brain in good way of life . We request that please give us power to do good work .


  1. Ok, what do you say about Brahma kumaris, school of thought, who says that chanting mantra is completely mechanical in nature and it doesn't connect us with god. Secondly, human in every birth becomes human, he is no metamorphosed into animal or any creature. humans take only 84 births with in the span of 4 yugas.

  2. Dear need not to say to any body because in this world every body thing his way . Leave what they think but be practice and if you think Gayatri mantra gave you benefit then encourage others .